In the remote villages of Kenya, where healthcare facilities are scarce and transportation is a challenge,

community midwives stand as the first line of defense in maternal and neonatal health. These unsung heroes, often women from the community themselves, have taken on the mantle passed down through generations, now bolstered by modern training and support from organizations like RMHC-K.

The RMHC-K recognizes the crucial role these midwives play. Through extensive training programs, they equip them with the skills to perform life-saving interventions, provide prenatal and postnatal care, and support women through the journey of childbirth. The training also includes education on recognizing complications early and referring to higher-level health facilities when necessary.

The impact is tangible. In areas where RMHC-K’s programs have reached, reports show a decline in maternal and infant mortality rates. Stories abound of midwives who have braved night calls and challenging terrains to ensure safe deliveries. Yet, challenges persist—limited resources, cultural barriers, and the need for ongoing education remain hurdles to be overcome.

This blog post will delve into the lives of these community midwives, the triumphs and trials, and the continuous effort by RMHC-K to support and elevate their work for the betterment of Kenyan communities.

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The Heartbeat of Change: Community Midwifery in Kenya
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