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At RMHC-K, we celebrate the strength of women and the power of informed choices. Our programs are designed to empower women of all ages to take an active role in their reproductive and maternal health. By providing the necessary tools and knowledge, we aim to create an environment where every woman is the master of her health journey.


Family Planning

Discover a variety of family planning options that put you in control

Combating SGBV

Our services offer medical, psychological, and legal assistance, helping survivors to heal and reclaim their strength.

Reproductive Health

We provide access to screenings, treatments, and support for reproductive health issues

Adolescent Sexual Health

Educating young people on sexual health is vital for their well-being.

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Advocacy for Reproductive Health and Women Rights.

At RMHC-K, we believe that true happiness comes from empowerment and well-being.We equip women and girls with the tools they need for reproductive health management, ensuring they are the authors of their own stories.

 Our programs are designed to give women and girls the strength toshape their own health destiny, fostering a sense of achievement through informed choices and creative solutions to the health challenges they face.

Empower Your Health at Any Age

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Unlock a world of health education, support, and community initiatives. Explore our services at the Nairobi Health Hub, a sanctuary for individuals seeking comprehensive reproductive care, celebrated by over 3,000 members.


RMHC-K, a charitable entity with a dedicated team, disseminates a monthly digest that keeps you abreast of the latest in health advocacy, workshops, services, and opportunities for active involvement. Contact us for your free information pack.


Together, we cultivate a garden of knowledge where every individual can grow, flourish, and contribute to the tapestry of our collective health and well-being

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